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“Des Nachtmahrs Schmetterlinge” – An Immersive Event at Chaussee36

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The immersive event showcasing the multidisciplinary project "Des Nachtmahrs Schmetterlinge" took guests on a journey from isolation to transformation and fusion. It served as a metaphor for reviving social life after a long phase of loneliness. Inspired by the metamorphosis of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, the focal point of the event was the concept of catharsis. The walkable sound and spatial installation, consisting of 13 tree structures, provided the backdrop for a performance, allowing guests to experience the phases of transformation of the 13 performers up close.

In the showcased fashion film, the 13 outfits created for the project were portrayed as characters on their collective journey. Additionally, exhibited as a tarot card set, they provided guests with the opportunity to identify with their own abilities and individual qualities."Des Nachtmahrs Schmetterlinge" was an immersive experience that transported guests into a captivating world of transformation and fusion.

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