The Absence of promised Safety title wideThe Absence of promised Safety title wide

Absence of promised Safety fashion 2024

"Absence of Promised Safety," harnesses the transformative power of fashion to address the profound trauma experienced by civilian victims of wars and systemic issues. By shedding light on systemic failures in preventing and addressing trauma, this project aims to inspire a shift towards a more conscientious and responsible approach within the industry. Through innovative processes, I strive to redefine beauty standards and contribute meaningfully to the fashion landscape. This collection is a call for the fashion industry to embrace slow, intentional design and foster inclusivity.

ELODIE CARSTENSEN × VORN Academy Showcase LOOM Luxury 

The first 'prototype' dress was created in collaboration with the VORN SPACE OPENING AND ACADEMY SHOWCASE RECEPTION during Berlin Fashion Week. Showcasing a size-inclusive dress crafted from peace silk and hand-dyed in an ice dye process. The unique technique, where melting ice cubes carry vibrant orange and fuchsia acid dye into the silk, results in an ethereal visual spectacle.

In terms of design innovation, Elodie is reviving historical pleating concepts, where wet natural fibers are hand-pleated and twisted into cords to create size-inclusive garments. This chemical-free and energy-efficient method not only reduces resource consumption during pre-production but also fosters a unique bond between wearer and garment for having to retwist the cord after each use, enhancing the garment's longevity and versatility.


Elodie is constantly exploring new techniques and concepts to create unique and impactful fashion experiences. One of her innovative approaches in the upcoming collection is the utilization of an ice-dyeing technique where entire garments are dyed rather than just the fabric, resulting in a mesmerizing effect where colors seamlessly blend into the fabric collecting pigments at the seams. This method not only reduces water consumption during the washing process but also delivers exceptional outcomes that are impossible to replicate, ensuring that each garment emerges as a singular work of art.

What influenced this collection?

The omnipresence of war, death, disaster, despair, and devastation, coupled with a lack of responsibility or latitude, is a constant companion in our lives. Inspired by personal experiences, including the loss of a dear friend during last year's escalations of the war in Israel and Gaza, it reflects on the erosion of fundamental human rights and the pervasive sense of helplessness in today's world. Through fashion, I aim to start dialogue and advocate for change, using symbols of vulnerability and contrasting the futile notion of protection with delicate fabrics, urging to spark discourse, fostering empathy, and awareness.