blaukraut fashion 2022

An awesome sustainable bridal fashion label aimed at the revolutionary, modern and environmentally conscious bride

5 Tops ×
5 Bottoms ×
5 Accessoires =
500+ different 'dresses'

like every bride, each Blaukraut outfit has its very own character. a modular system consisting of top, bottom the brides body and additional accessoires grant infinite possibilities to create an individual style.

She* is confident and successfull, sings under her shower and drinks Whiskey on the rocks. queer and queen. sexy and cool.

The blaukraut bride is a confident personality. feminine and gender inclusive. She* appreciates high fashion but loves flea markets.

How to become a blaukraut bride?

currently blaukraut bridal gowns are made to order only. if you are interested in a custom order please reach out to [email protected].