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Nachtmahrs Schmetterlinge is Elodies latest fashion collection featuring 13 fantastic characters: Each representing a commonly familiar feeling that are yet not spoken off. You are hereby invited to meet them:

» I aspire to create inclusive spaces where emotions can be experienced and shared authentically, free from masks and restrictions. In the vulnerable beginnings of a project, I always face the boundless void, rarely revealing this loneliness even to close friends. Through my art, I aim to inspire the strength that can only be found by accepting and embracing emotions, resisting suppression or numbness. «
Elodie Carstensen

“Des Nachmahrs Schmetterlinge” by Elodie Carstensen × Tomás Eyzaguirre
Design & Art Director: Elodie Carstensen
Photography & Director: Tomás Eyzaguirre
Cinematographer: Diego Gardo
Production & Graphics: Martin Heßmann
Editor: Matias Boettner
Makeup director: Sarah Hartgens
Makeup assistant: Viktoria Turok, Kathrin Hieselmayr, Julia Hahn
Photography assistant: Victor Almendra

Cast: Ajsa Selimovic, Alzac Mekacher, Analu, Artis Leonar, Charlie Kamryn Hanouskova, Diego Martinez, Fatou Ndure (izaio), Hélène Hang (izaio), Johnny Questions, Lev, Mina Kim Witte, Pavao Smoljanovic, Riley Davidson